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  Minoan bull jumping

Minoan bull jumping

lunedì 2 giugno 2014

Minoan bull jumping is fascinating in so many aspects: it requires good athletics and especially a lot of courage, so much courage that those who tried the jump in the past should be considered heros and those who managed to perform it completely, should be thought of as somehow divine athletes.

Minoan bull jumping is a pacific activity, as you do not kill the bull: you rather use its horns to jump over it and then turn around.

There is no opponent to fight and there are no weapons, still whoever jumps the bull is a hero: is this a core difference between our society and the ancient Minoans who apparently found durable peace in a small island considered to be the whole world?

In our western civilization, often violence means individual success (in fact killing the bull means winning the fight) and is widely accepted if not encouraged.

The disipline of ancient Minoan bull jumping, instead, seems to carry a non-violent message.

Message of minoan bull jumping:

It is a Hero and society greatly loves and esteems who, without weapons, waits for the bull to come: the divinity will help him leap over it, turn round and see by himself from above how vain is the bull's run.

Where can you see the divinity in the picture?
The picture shows the same athlete three times: twice in white, while beginning and ending the leap; once in black while he is upside-down (some say the figure on the right is a woman waiting for the athlete, but it should be the same male athlete, depicted in a slightly feminine style to show that he has lost his desire for violence and dominance).

The central part of the picture makes you think that the representation might well be metaphorical and have a religious meaning as well: why should the upside-down athlete be depicted in black?

The answer can be that, as black means no light and no light means no comprehension, what's depicted in black is simply the most misterious moment of the whole process, a step where man is upside-down and can't hold control: that's where he is wholly in the hands of the divinity.

In one word, that is the time of conversion, occurring when the whole body, representing metaphorically the whole mind, turns round and in renouncing to evil is helped by the divinity, who replaces conflictual personal goals with peacefully shared new hopes and by doing so allows the newly grown-up to join fully the society of men.

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